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Advantages and disadvantages of electric curtains
Dec 27, 2017

It has more advantages than the usual:

1, intelligent and simple. The double chip microcomputer intelligent and fulcrum cycle rolling precision transmission technology has successfully integrated the controller and motor, and advanced distance intelligent recognition technology. It can adjust curtain opening position and stop automatically, so that the product is excellent and simple. No external motor, more concise and beautiful.

2. Super long life. With the support cycle rolling precision transmission technology, the reliability and service life of the product are greatly improved, and the operation record of 300 thousand times without fault is created.

3. The appearance is beautiful. The products are beautiful, with antistatic, non discolouration and no fading characteristics. There are many kinds of colors, such as mahogany, titanium, pearl and white, with noble and elegant artistic taste. There is always one suitable for you.

4, the function is complete. The electric curtains have the functions of intelligent electric remote control, power stop manual operation, group control and so on.

5, super strong mute. With automatic lubrication and mute design, the motor has super quiet, smooth running and powerful power. The product runs smoothly and noiseless, bringing the perfect mute effect.

6. Wireless remote control is more sensitive. The advanced wireless remote control system makes the remote control distance up to about 40 meters. It can pass through obstacles or walls, receive sensitively in any direction, and use more freely.

7. Power outage manual. The traditional electric rail can only be switched on, the electric curtains have advanced technology and can be used normally when the power outages are stopped.

8. The installation is simple and the use is convenient. Non professional personnel can also be easily installed. The product design is simple "integration", can be installed at random in the curtain box, ceiling or side mounted on the wall, plug in the AC power supply can be used.

9, super quality, five years quality assurance. The accessories are strictly screened to guarantee the quality; the whole machine can be sold after four tests. Five years of product quality problems caused by the failure to provide free maintenance, life-long maintenance.

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