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basic introduction of bath curtain
Dec 22, 2017

Generally, the shower curtain is divided into three parts: the curtain body, the shower curtain rod and the hook. Also some shower curtain is directly suspended in the ceiling mode, but this is not a common situation.

1. The material of the shower curtain rod is varied, including wood, bamboo, plastic or alloy materials. The shower curtain rod is usually installed in different positions and shapes according to the different positions and shapes of the shower area. The most common bar type shower curtain rods are usually fixed on the opposite sides of the bathroom, while semicircle or half arc shower rods are mostly used in the shower area of larger bathrooms.

2, the curtain body materials other than the traditional plastic, cloth, new materials, the more common include polyvinyl chloride (PVC), PEVA environmental protection material, wood blinds, bamboo curtain, nylon, polyester pongee, satin, satin stripe, thickened Oxford textile etc.. And according to the different style of the bathroom, there are different colors and designs.

3. The most common material for the hook is plastic and alloy.