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Cloth curtains
Mar 27, 2017

A curtain made of design and sewing

1, cloth curtains according to their fabrics, different processes can be divided into: printed cloth, dyeing cloth, yarn-dyed fabric, jacquard cloth and other printed cloth: in the plain embryo cloth with the transfer or the way the network printed on the color, For the dyeing cloth, its characteristics: colorful, rich patterns, delicate.

Dyed cloth: in the white embryo cloth on a single color of color called dyeing cloth, from the characteristics: elegant, natural.

Se Zhibu: According to the pattern needs, the first gauze classification and dyeing, and then intertwined to form a color pattern to become dyed fabric, its characteristics: strong color fastness, yarn-dyed lines clear, three-dimensional sense of strong.

Jacquard printed: the jacquard and printing two processes together called jacquard cloth.

2, cloth curtains color fabric texture of cotton, linen, polyester, silk, can also be concentrated from raw materials mixed. Cotton fabric texture soft, feel good; linen fabric drape good, strong sense of texture; silk fabric noble, gorgeous, it is 100% natural silk composition. Its natural, rough, elegant, strong sense of the level of the most fashionable products in 2003; polyester fabric very scraping, bright color, do not fade, do not shrink.

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