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Finished curtains
Mar 27, 2017

According to its appearance and function can be divided into: shutter, pleated curtain, vertical curtain and blinds.

1, shutter release freely. It can be divided into: man-made fiber shutter, wood Sunburn shutter, bamboo shutter. Which man-made fiber shutter with a special process of weaving, can be shining strong solar radiation, the transformation of indoor light quality, anti-static fire and other effects.

2, fold according to its different functions can be divided into: blinds, day and night curtain, honeycomb curtain, pleated curtain. Which honeycomb curtain sound-absorbing effect, day and night curtains in the light and light between the arbitrary effect.

3, vertical curtain according to its different fabrics, can be divided into aluminum curtains and artificial fiber screens.

4, 100 curtains are generally divided into hundreds of pages, 100 hundred aluminum pages, bamboo and so on. The biggest feature of the curtain is that the light is adjusted at different angles, so that the natural light of the room has changed.