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How to clean the curtains?
Jan 07, 2018

How to clean the curtains?

Cleaning the Venetian blinds first curtains, in which the amount of water spraying or polishing agent, use the cloth to wipe, can keep longer clean; covered in linen gloves can also be rubber gloves, and linen gloves stained with detergent, then wipe the shutter blade. In case of linen gloves dirty, as long as the hands will rub clean linen gloves, then buy a new pair of linen gloves, stained with water, will be accompanied by cleaning blinds clean (clean blinds when the action should be light, so as not to damage the blinds or rope). Cleaning shall be made of velvet curtains, curtains soak in alkaline detergents, gently press, after the wash on the inclined frame, so that the water will return to automatic drip dry clean. Electrostatic flocking fabric curtains made of cloth often without washing, once dirty, as long as the yarn with cotton dipped in alcohol or gasoline a gently wipe can make it clean. Clean the canvas surface or the curtains made of linen, dip the sponge in warm water or soap solution, and the mixture of ammonia solution will be wiped and then rolled up after drying.