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Installation method of electric blinds
Dec 27, 2017

1., before installing electric control louvers, we must check the specifications, size and size of louvers, so that we can observe whether they meet the design standard requirements.

2. installation of electric control shutters before the advance is ready to use the tools needed in the process of construction, such as steel tape, horizontal tube, screwdriver, thread, wire, impact drill, and according to the requirements to be ready for the construction of sufficient raw materials.

3., before installing electric control louvers, we must confirm the setting line of doors and windows according to the design drawings of the doors and windows, and determine the size of the elevations according to the standard of the horizontal line.

4., check the size of the electric louver openings and check whether the proofreading meets the design requirements. If there are any problems, we need to correct them in time, and take some protective measures.

5., when installing electric louvers, it is necessary to check whether the location of louver connections and firmware is in line with the design requirements, whether the operation device is consistent with human's operation habits, so that it can meet the normal people's operation habits and make users comfortable.

6. when installing electric control louver shutter to check the color of the surface is not smooth, check that there are cracks, pits and scratches obvious phenomenon. Check all the installation parts of the blinds to be installed.

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