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Installation of curtain rods
Jan 02, 2018

Three steps to install the curtain rod

1) install the curtain box

First determine the elevation according to the horizontal line, draw the center line of the curtain box, install the curtain box middle line to the window's middle line and box's wall part according to the strict and fixed method according to the individual design.

2) installation of curtain rails

The curtain rails are divided into single, double or three tracks. When the window width is more than 2.3m, the curtain rail should be broken, the broken place is stewed and bent open, the bending should be gentle curve, the lap length is not less than 200mm. The clear curtain box is usually on the track. The heavy curtain rail should be lengthened and the dark curtain box should be on the back track. Heavy curtain track small angle should be encrypted on the market space, normal distribution method is one meter with two installation code, if the heavy curtain does not affect the tension under the premise can see the situation with installation code, to ensure the load in the safe range. The specification of wood screws is not less than 30mm. The rail is installed in a straight line after the rail is installed.

3) the curtain rod installation

Adjust the connection fixer, install the rod or wire, and pull it on the fixed part. To be in line with the elevation of the room