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kitchen curtains
Dec 19, 2017

[kitchen curtains] the effect of the kitchen curtain decoration DIY curtains so that the kitchen is no longer monotonous

Rainbows after rain

There are lots of DIY ways to make the kitchen colorful. In this picture, the material used is actually a handkerchief, splicing the colorful handkerchiefs together, there is a new discovery.

Dusk dreams

Choose a silk scarf to cross the earrings and hang them on a nail above the window. Elegant scarf immediately make the dull windows become amorous.

Aromas of lavender

Although the window is small, it can reflect your intentions more in the details. Ready for the curtain and curtain rack hook ring, choose a suitable piece of curtain cloth, there must be a surprise performance! Here, the purple curtains bring strong Lavender flavor.

The first sunshine in the morning

If you want to make a curtain decoration, it is also very simple. As long as you choose two pieces of cloth and put one piece in another 1/5, you can see the curtain in skirt.

Return to ancient feelings

The exquisite handkerchief of the antique style can also be of great use. After they are folded, they can be hung on the hook that has been fixed before, and can be done. The beautiful lace must make your curtains stunning.

Shallot years

Let your blinds with your style will need your hands to create, the width of the cloth folded into 7 inches, on both sides of equal length, and then make a beautiful bow.

Plaid plot

Don't look down on the use of the tablecloth, it can also help you create a beautiful curtain decoration. There is also a suitable coat hanger can also be used to hang on the window, such a perfect and natural collocation.

Green Grass by the River

Do you want to make your kitchen perfect? A green curtain must be the one you can't miss. Fix the poles on both sides and you can do it.