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Steps to install electric curtains
Dec 27, 2017

Steps to install electric curtains

Step 1: drawing line location and measuring track size

1. the accuracy of the location of the drawing line is the key to the installation of the curtain track. First, the fixed hole distance is measured, and the size of the required track is measured.

2. the good size of the customer should be the total track length.

The main length of the 3. track is the transmission box (motor), the length of the track and the auxiliary transmission box.

4. arc orbits, which can cause curved arc curtains in accordance with the arc of the building (injection: the arc should not be less than 120 degrees).

The measuring method of arc curtain rails:

1., draw the arc way according to the picture, and indicate the length of the "A", "B", "C" and the angle of the arc track, and indicate the location of the main transmission box, single or double open (Note: "A" and "B" length, including the length of the main transmission box and the auxiliary transmission box).

2. for the viewing platform of arc type, according to the picture, and indicate (chord), (camber) (ARC). And indicate the position of the main transmission box. Single or double size, mean size or size in rail. (Note: the length of the arc length includes the length of the main transmission box and the secondary transmission box).

Second step: install the hoisting card

The clip is rotated 90 degrees and the track link is completed, will be installed to the roof hoisting clamp with screw (such as concrete structure, with expansion screws.

Third step: electrical wiring

The fourth step: the connection between the motor and the track

The tracked curtain rail, which is specially used with the motor, is equipped with a transmission box, the main transmission box connected with the motor and the other on the other side. The specific operation is as follows:

1. electric 90 degrees into the main transmission box; (Note: flat main gear box and motor shaft rotation of the interface should be consistent);

2. rotate 90 degrees clockwise;

3. after the rotation in place, the insert into the transmission box to the limit position, will automatically lock, the motor is connected to the transmission box; end of the connection. (Note: no electricity is not allowed to damage the motor when it is not received.)

Fifth step: motor stroke adjustment

The end of the motor is equipped with a set of gears and micro switch devices. The connection requirements of electric motors are positive and reverse, so as to realize the self positioning of curtain opening and closed stroke.

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