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the maintenance and cleaning of the shower curtain
Dec 22, 2017

The maintenance and cleaning of the shower curtain

The place of bathing in the home is where the most water vapor is gathered. Don't sleep, the bacteria can take advantage of a weak point. The air above the bathtub is the most bacterial place, which is harmful to the body. We must clean up in time. After every bath, we can open the windows and ventilate. It is quite necessary to clean up the bathtub at every weekend. Especially in the bathroom with the shower curtain, special attention should be paid to the maintenance and cleaning of the shower curtain.

The cleanliness of the canvas shower curtain

1, canvas or cotton cord like other cotton fabrics, washed with hot soapy water to wash and iron. Most of the shower curtain only needs to be dried. It is difficult to remove mildew, usable light bleach wash test, and dry.

2, if you do not bother to brush the shower curtain, you can put the shower curtain in the washing machine, add eight 4 cups of vinegar and then leave it to the washing machine after a night. This method can not only sterilize and neutralize all the dirt, but also save the trouble of washing the shower curtain.

Cleaning of plastic bath curtains

Use vinegar to wipe out soap bubbles on the shower curtain. Mold and grease. Make the shower curtain look like a new one. The shower curtain at the bottom of the most difficult to wash, you can scrub with a brush in saline hard, because the fine particles can be produced such as salt scrub like effect. Then you can get rid of vinegar to clean stubborn stains.