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The shade curtain
Dec 25, 2017

The shade curtain cloth has the effect of blocking the strong light and ultraviolet light. The curtain shade cloth form has two kinds: one is made of cloth, shade cloth using lighter, thin, easy to fold, the general use of Velcro, will choose curtains and shading cloth coated side be made one, let out, to block the strong light. There's another kind of rolling curtain. Usually, the shaded cloth is processed to make it smooth and drooping, and can be directly made into a rolling curtain.

There are three main kinds of material for shading cloth: one is the original grey cloth, and the back is PVC coating. The price is about 10 yuan per meter, but the environmental protection performance is poor. The second way is to add PVC cloth on the grid grey cloth, and the back is also coating. It feels like plastic. It is thicker than the previous one, and its shading effect is good. The drawback is crispy. Third kinds of linen and cotton blended products, their own weight is heavier, a good sag, can be directly made to make curtains, good environmental performance, but a single color. The price of the shading cloth varies from over ten yuan / meters to hundreds of dollars / meters.