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what color bedroom curtains are good
Feb 07, 2018

What color bedroom curtains are good

First of all, according to the region's environment and the season to weigh and determine. Summer should choose cold-colored fabrics, warm winter fabric should be selected, the spring and autumn should choose the fabric of neutral colors. From the perspective of the overall coordination of the living room, should consider the color of the wall, furniture, flooring, etc. are coordinated. If the furniture is dark, you should use a more light-colored curtains, so as not to over-deep colors make people feel depressed.

Second, you should consider the style and size of the curtains. In style, the general small room curtains should be relatively simple style as well, so as not to make the space because the curtains more complicated and more narrow. For large room, it is appropriate to adopt a more generous, style, exquisite style. Curtain width size, generally wider than the windows on both sides of the width of about 10 cm is appropriate, the bottom should be depending on the curtain patterns, short curtains should be longer than the bottom of the window sill 20 cm is appropriate; floor curtains should generally be from the ground 2 ~ 3 cm.

Again, the overall effect of the home should be considered. In general, curtains made of thin fabrics such as thin cotton, nylon silk, loofah, mesh cloth and the like can not only penetrate a certain degree of natural light but also provide a sense of privacy and safety in the daytime indoors sense. Moreover, due to the soft texture of these fabrics, thin and so on, so hung over the window better. At the same time, but also with the use of thick-type curtains, because the thick curtains for the formation of a unique indoor environment and reduce external interference more significant results. In the purchase of thick curtains, should choose such as corduroy, woolen, velvet and linen fabric materials such as curtains ideal.