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According To The Thickness Of The Curtain And The Style To Match
Sep 19, 2017

     Curtains are thin and thick, light and heavy, different light, different location to use the thickness of the curtains can also be selected. In the gorgeous interior space of European style, exquisite carving of the pattern, thick Mei flannel, luxurious and elegant white gold Department, all coincide to create a refined and dignified. Curtain

     In this slightly thick environment, the appearance of elegant sandy curtains, to make the decoration curtain style and other design elements formed a strong contrast, there is a contrast between the various or exquisite, or dignified, or luxurious furniture, a thin drift of the vertical yarn, can't block the sun, but also the breeze, the confrontation and coordination, Contradictions and unity, precisely in the stark contrast, show a romantic amorous feelings.Curtain

     The same is the European style of decoration, in the rural style of home, curtains and furniture collocation skills are also clearly visible. Pure White is a European style commonly used in color, and the Golden Collocation is a classic. In the home environment of European-style pastoral, exquisite European furniture style classification and wood-colored flooring and gold cushion and mixed-color flowers are very harmonious, very beautiful, want to join in such a unified environment of what other elements will appear superfluous and unnecessary, therefore, in this installation of the curtain style and pastoral style, And European style is very pitched, lace, yarn, folds, tassels, all kinds of elements with exquisite edge, color is also very classic European-style gold, so in the selection of curtains with the style of the furniture is very important.Curtain

    In the home bedroom, the overall color of the environment should be biased towards elegant, refreshing light tone, white, ginger yellow, pale milk yellow, light blue and so on, the collocation of color to strive for comfort elegant, clear shallow pleasant, can make a person mood calm, comfortable. So in a quiet beautiful bedroom space, curtains and furniture are generally the color of light, shallow, and in the light of the environment, the choice of colors to be extremely cautious, in the bed set supplies Choose the color of the more lively printing sheets, this color with small squares of bright eyes will match the same small square color curtains,Curtain

     But the bedroom curtains with the color can not also bright eyes, the place where the eye, such as the choice and the overall bedroom color close to the ginger square curtains can echo the bed, and not chaos design focus.Curtain