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Medical angle analysis wear visor Hat
Oct 16, 2017

Walking in the streets will find that the majority of the people wearing this kind of visor are cycling women and younger children. In the commodity market, hanging full of this hot-selling sun visor, which is made of similar colored plastic material, can rotate up and down flexibly, can be worn like ordinary visor hat, also can be used as sunglasses. Business to customers said, this anti-ultraviolet hat, summer everyone likes to buy, have a protective role, not easy to bask in the skin, stimulate the eyes.Hat

Eye experts warn that some sun caps are made of low-quality film, does not have the professional anti-ultraviolet function, at the same time, because of its material refractive medium through the brightness difference, causes the human to feel in the visual matter the time is blurred, plus this material's density is uneven, causes to see the scenery to have the possibility to deform, then will aggravate, causes the human eyesight fatigue. Therefore, wearing such a hat not only can not play a role in sunscreen, but also may have a small impact on people's eyesight, even caused the road accident.Hat

In the scorching sun, hats can not only for the beauty of the lady to block ultraviolet rays, but also to shape a variety of summer beauty image. Generally speaking, the elderly to choose to wear narrow-brimmed straw hat appropriate, it is plain and solemn; young men go out to activities, long time, can choose brimmed side straw hat; the delicate complexion of the younger woman, the choice wears the folding broad edge white cloth hat, can increase the adornment beauty; the pupil chooses the sun hat with the green brim, can protect the eye effectively; Deputies wears a cap to block the sun's ultraviolet rays while preventing accidental injuries to the head.Hat

In short, whichever type of hat you choose, you should have a light and cool feature. Choose the visor, in addition to the choice of their own style, should also pay attention to its sunscreen effect, should choose the big Brim, light-colored; In addition, should pay attention to the sun visor of perspiration or perspiration effect.Hat