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Application Of Barometric Pressure Sensor In Kids Toy
Jul 26, 2017

             In real life, many appliances use air pressure sensors, including mobile phones, children's toys, smart watches, cars and so on, and in toys, barometric sensors are used to make the toy sound after the pressure, which is to interact with children when playing with toys.Kids Toy

             Air pressure sensors are generally installed in the ear of toys, if children with hands squeeze the ear of the toy, then because the internal pressure of the ear changes, through the pressure sensor to monitor the internal pressure changes, if the preset threshold, the toy will react accordingly.

             Today, however, there are more and more toys, the impact of toys on children can be seen. A new study by the Ear Research Institute in London shows that some of the vocal children's toys are now too loud to be noisy, and if they are kept in a child's ear for long periods of time, they may even cause permanent damage to their children's hearing.

             "Many toys are dangerous because the volume is too high, the pressure sensor is applied to the toy, the child forcibly surpasses the threshold, the toy will emit some sharp voice response, if the children put them in the ear time too long hearing will certainly damage." Our advice is simple: don't let your kids put high volume toys in their ears for long periods of time, and don't let children play with them for more than one hours a day. ”Kids Toy

              In the study, Bacchus tested the noise levels of 15 popular toys suitable for children aged 3 to 15. Experts recommend that children's toys be capped at a maximum volume of 85 decibels, which may cause permanent hearing impairment if the child is exposed to more than 85 decibels of noise over a prolonged period of time. Bacchus said that "If I had kids and I wouldn't let them play with these toy pistols if I had them," he said. "If I had children, I would recommend parents who have children to try to avoid such toys because they are really likely to cause permanent damage to their children's hearing." ”Kids Toy