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Control Mode And Function Of Curtain
Aug 21, 2017

      Summer is approaching, the sunshade curtains are rapidly being sought after by people, in the warmer temperatures in the summer, the air conditioning can only adjust the room temperature, and can not stop the strong sun, at this time, choose a appropriate shade curtains are particularly important, shade curtains are mainly cloth curtains and finished curtains, for office, hotels and other places, the selection of finished curtains of the more extensive, today we will say these two kinds of shade.Curtain
     First is the cloth curtain, in everybody custom-made curtain, the designer generally recommends you to choose with the cloth or the shade cloth curtain, especially now the season, the blackout cloth is especially important, some people will think the curtain cloth chooses the thick some to also be able to play this kind of role, such ideas can not be said to be wrong, but it does not apply to any environment, by the south of the regional temperature is continuing to rise, a strong UV not only on the human body caused harm, the home can also cause damage to the supplies. In the shade curtain, shading cloth is not only play the role of shading, but also to improve the service life of products, like the Sun umbrella, sunny umbrella effect is not the same.Curtain
     The curtains are controlled by manual and electrical means. Manual curtains include: manual opening and closing curtain, manual pull bead shutter, manual silk curtain, manual wooden shutter, manual Roman Curtain, manual organ curtain and so on. Electric curtains include: electric retractable curtain, electric shutter, electric silk soft louver, electric ceiling curtain, electric wooden shutter, electric Roman curtain, electric organ curtain and so on. With the development of curtains, it has become a bedroom indispensable, functional and decorative perfect combination of indoor decorations.Curtain
    The main role of the curtain is to isolate with the outside world, to maintain the privacy of the bedroom, but also it is an indispensable decoration. In winter, the curtains will be separated into two of the world, adding warmth to the house. Curtain
    Modern curtains, not only can reduce light, shading, to adapt to the different intensity of light demand, but also fire, wind, dust, warmth, noise, insulation, radiation, anti-ultraviolet, etc., improve the room climate and environment. Therefore, the artful combination of decorative and practical, is the most characteristic of modern curtains. The development of curtains has undergone many changes, and the most obvious changes are reflected in the material of the curtains. In the beginning, the window was used only to gouge out or leave a very coarse hole in the wall and ceiling, or a skylight opening of the Indian cone-shaped tent, its basic use is confined to ventilation, which is often obscured by the use of the skin of the beast or the woven fabric of the grass. Hides and mats are the earliest form of curtains, and because of the beauty of mats, this window is spread so far, in the south of the summer, there are family will hang mat curtains, take its cool.Curtain