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Corner Windows
Dec 18, 2017

Corner windows, how to design good?

General corner windows to look at the corner windows on both sides of the size, depending on the size and location of the apartment layout is, is designed for use of windows. The design of a corner windows can generally be divided into practical type and leisure type, below small make up for you to introduce a few on the corner Piaochuang design, for your reference:

A practical type: for small space, designed to study and office area and dresser with corner windows, can also increase the storage cabinet design.

1, the perfect combination of windows and the dresser, rational use of space.

The main wall windows side and bedroom in the same side, open the cabinet design collocation with storage and display function bookcase, dresser combination. The overall design not only fills the wall, but also makes the whole space coordinated and wrong.

Perfect combination of the 2, windows and desk, not only good lighting, but also increase the utilization rate of the space.

The location of corner windows designed study and office area: the cabinet panel of the cabinet body collocation, the distance to the ground is just common desk height, then collocation tall bookcases coherent form design. The natural lighting of the window is fully utilized, and it has really realized the use of small space.

3, using the design of the cabinet combined with the floating platform to enhance the function of the storage.

The utility model belongs to a small corner windows, the cabinet has increased Piaochuang depth, forming a relatively large recreational area, harmonious and beautiful. The whole design is not only to increase the storage function, and the desk and dresser together, avoid the bump.

Two, leisure: add a small tea table, on the table window collocation of cushion, formed a reading area.

The short side with high fill windows let the background wall bookcase overall coordination and generous, long edge by three column cabinet increased Piaochuang Taiwan depth. The windows covered cushion become leisure area, can be used for playing, reading or rest. The leisure area connects the desk and the bedside cabinet, the cabinet is wrong and the space is more active.