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Mar 27, 2017

Curtain is made of cloth, hemp, yarn, aluminum, wood, metal materials, etc., with shade insulation and regulation of indoor light function. The material, texture, color, pattern, etc. together to form a different style of the curtain, with different styles of cloth, polyester, cotton, cotton, Interior design curtains. Curtain control is divided into manual and electric. Hand curtains include: manual opening and closing curtains, manual pull beads shutter, manual silk soft curtain, manual wooden blinds, manual Roman curtain, hand organ curtain and so on. Electric curtains include: electric opening and closing curtains, electric shutter, electric silk soft shutters, electric ceiling screens, electric wooden blinds, electric Roman curtains, electric organ curtains and so on. With the development of curtains, it has become an indispensable room, the perfect combination of functional and decorative interior decorations.

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