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Curtain Cloth
Aug 10, 2017

             In the selection of the quality of the curtains, the first consideration should be given to the function of the room, such as the bathroom, the kitchen to choose more practical and easy to wash the cloth, the cloth to withstand the steam and grease pollution, simple and smooth style. The living room, the dining room can choose luxurious, graceful fabric. The bedroom curtains require heavy, warm and safe. Study curtains require light transmittance, bright, the use of elegant colors. In addition, the choice of cloth depends on the demand for light in the room, sufficient light, you can choose thin yarn, a thin cotton or silk cloth; The room is too light, you should choose a slightly thicker wool blended or brocade to make curtains to withstand strong light irradiation; the room is not very strict to the light requirements, the general selection of plain printing cotton or linen fabric is advisable.Curtain

             Buy curtains color, materials, should be in line with the different characteristics of the season. Summer with thin material, transparent soft yarn or silk, to light is good. Winter should use thick, fine flannel, warm color, to highlight the thick and warm. Spring and autumn with thick material ice silk, cotton cloth, simulation silk, etc. mainly, color to medium color is advisable. and calico curtains, lively and crisp, all seasons.Curtain

             The price span of all kinds of curtain cloth is relatively big, domestic materials and imported materials may be dozens of times times the difference, like the whole cotton printing curtain cloth wide retail price generally at 60-70 yuan; Hemp material common type in 70-80 yuan or so, a good point to be more than 100 yuan, rayon fabric prices from 60 yuan to more than 200 yuan, and window screen price span is also very large, from about 10 yuan to the beginning of more than 100 yuan. The price of the imported curtain cloth is generally above 100 yuan/m, those fine prices are more than two hundred or three hundred yuan.Curtain