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Curtain How To Choose And Buy?
May 17, 2017

The effect of curtains

Curtain The main function of the curtain is to insulate from the outside world, keep the bedroom private, at the same time it is an indispensable decoration. In winter, the curtain divides indoor and outdoor into two worlds, and adds warmth to the house. Modern curtains can not only reduce light, shading, to adapt to the different intensity of light demand;

Also can fire, windproof, dust, warmth, muffler, heat insulation, radiation protection, UV protection, improve the living room climate and environment. Therefore, the ingenious combination of decoration and practicality is the biggest feature of modern curtains.

Curtain Applications:

Curtain Bedroom: It is advisable to use cloth curtain, shade cloth and screen. The style is mainly concise, the smaller window can choose the finished curtain.

Curtain Living room: The larger living room to use the floor cloth curtains, can be equipped with screens, do not need shading cloth, style can be fitted with curtains. The smaller living room can be used for opaque shutter, cloth venetian and night curtains.

Curtain Restaurant: The restaurant is not private space, if not exposed to exposure, generally have a thin layer of yarn can.

Children's Room: it is advisable to make curtains or cloth venetian with colorful and lively fabrics, and can also be used for printing rolls.

Curtain Balcony: The best choice of closed balcony is Sunshine Shutter, shading and breathable, filtered ultraviolet ray, rolled up without space. The balcony is connected with the bedroom, then installs a cloth curtain to suit the night sleep use.

Curtain Study: The study can choose Natural, unique book fragrance of wooden Venetian blinds, soundproof curtain or plain shade.

Bathroom and kitchen: Should choose waterproof, oil-proof, easy to clean curtains, general selection of aluminum louver or printing shutter. The sun blinds are the best choice.

Curtain Tips for selecting curtains:

Curtain Choose curtain cloth, should combine room daylighting, furniture furnishings, space size, room color, personal hobby and family economical condition and so on to consider. Generally speaking, fabrics should be beautiful and practical, design color unfavorable too complex. The living room light is abundant, is also the people activity comparatively concentrated place, is suitable to adopt the translucent and the pattern screen, the bedroom usually asks quiet, the furniture color unfavorable too strongly, the light unfavorable too strong.

Curtain Therefore, the curtain is best divided into two layers, the outer layer selects the translucent screens, the inner layers with semi translucent or opaque fabrics. In this way, in the early morning, evening, only with the outer screen, so that the entire bedroom looks soft and comfortable, sleep when shading curtains, but also make people in a quiet environment to get a full rest.