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Curtains For Places
Mar 27, 2017


Bedroom: it is appropriate cloth curtain, plus shade cloth and screens. Style to simple, the smaller windows can choose finished curtains.

Living room: the larger living room is suitable for floor cloth curtains, can be equipped with screens, no shade cloth, style can be added to the curtains. Smaller living room with opaque shutter, cloth shutters and day and night curtains and so on.

Children room: it is appropriate to use colorful, lively fabric to do curtains or cloth shutters, can also be used printing shutter.

Restaurant: restaurant is not a secret space, such as without exposure, generally have a layer of gauze can be. Screens, printing shutter,

Balcony: the best choice for closed balcony is the sun shutter, shade and breathable, filter ultraviolet rays, rolled up when no space. If the balcony is connected to the bedroom, install a cloth curtain to suit the nighttime sleep.

Study: study can choose natural, unique book flavor of wood blinds, sound curtains or plain curtains.

Bathroom and kitchen: should choose waterproof, oil, easy to clean curtains, the general use of aluminum blinds or printing shutter.