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Curtains Related Technical Requirements
Jun 16, 2017

First, the fabric requirements

(1) the use of the fabric to achieve the corresponding product quality standards of national standards.

(2) the production process: fabric and coil connection using high-frequency welding contact, fabric and the lower pole with high-frequency welding contact to ensure that the fabric and the next rod as a whole structure, so that the normal operation of the fabric on both sides of the use of ultrasonic treatment of hair surface.Curtain

(3) shading fabric: the use of coating fabric to block light.

(4) sun fabric: the use of visible glass fiber can be blocked + PVC fabric.Curtain

Second, the fabric performance requirements

(1) fire safety standards: GB / T5455-1997

(2) fire rating: to GB / T5455-1977 standard M1, B1 level.

(3) the content of harmful substances in the fabric to meet the GB1840-2003 national textile products basic safety technical specifications.Curtain

(4) environmental standards: GB50325-2001. The chemical composition of the fabric should not exceed the latest national standards and regulatory requirements.

(5) effect, performance: no wrinkles, do not fade, sun color fastness 5-6 level, drape good, no smell.

(6) process: anti-fouling, anti-mildew, anti-grease, dirt, easy to clean, easy to hide dirt, soft colors, anti-deformation treatment, anti-static finishing.Curtain

(7) formaldehyde content: the implementation of national standards E1 emission standards to PVC coated polyester fiber as raw materials carefully woven products, never contain glass fiber composition.Curtain

Third, the auxiliary pieces of aluminum

(1) aluminum visible surface fluorocarbon spray treatment, aluminum surface to do extreme oxidation treatment.

(2) selection of domestic high-quality high-precision aluminum, to meet the new GB5237-2000 standard.

(3) the main mechanical properties: 6063-T5 (LD31-RCS) profiles of mechanical properties

A. Guanshu: wall thickness> 1.0 mm, diameter 38 mm.Curtain

B. The whole body is noisy at runtime.Curtain

C. compact structure, concise, easy to install. A variety of mounting accessories for the gold material. Component material implementation standards: GB5237.2-2000

D. Falling lever with paint 2.5 cm flat aluminum 郃 gold rod, to ensure that the fabric is flat when not flattened.