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Different Styles Of Curtains Real Map, Which Is Your Choice?
Apr 28, 2018

Curtain is the most touching part of interior design. Different styles of curtains bring different styles to the family. So, which style is your style?

1 modern wind

A more popular style, the pursuit of fashion and trend, simple modeling, create a quiet, peaceful home environment, more suitable for busy people in the metropolis, home from work every day, can relieve work fatigue in such a environment, temporarily forget the hustle and bustle of the world.

The simplicity of the wind is a simple beauty. Therefore, lace and window shade can be omitted. In terms of color, white and sky blue are good choices.

2 simple wind

Originating from modernism, minimalism is simply a sense of taste and a different feeling. It is more suitable for people who value life and admire comfort.

In the selection of curtains, the fabric of cotton and linen, with a very jumps of color, and stripes, not only embodies the features of simplicity and clarity, but also guarantees the natural feeling of the curtain.

3 Pastoral wind

Now people are in a high-tech, fast - paced city, and want a leisurely life to release, and the field is simple, friendly, close to nature, more suitable for those who pursue natural, quiet people.

Field wind mainly with small flowers, in the decoration, the first choice of mild light color system, such as green, blue, plus smart lace, more a warm and comfortable.

4 Chinese style wind

The combination of solemn and elegant temperament, style symmetry, color symmetry, reflect the high aesthetic taste of the owner of the house, more suitable for the pursuit of solemn, harmonious, delicate, elegant life of the people.

The colors of Chinese style are mainly Zhu Hong and brown, and are more durable. The selection of silk and satin fabric highlights the strong Chinese style.

5 Ou Shifeng

Gorgeous decoration, strong color, exquisite modeling, create elegant decoration effect, more suitable for mature, stable, high quality requirements, the pursuit of light luxury life.

The curtains with the European style are delicate and gorgeous, such as gold and silver, which can be used for their noble gestures; the velvet, silk jacquard fabric and the window mantle are more European style.

6 American style wind

There is a sense of culture and noble spirit, with a little random in classical style, because of abandoning too much tedious and extravagant, creating a casual romantic, more suitable for the pursuit of freedom, random, nostalgic people.

Curtains can choose thick but not bright dark green, dark blue, with larger shapes of flowers, natural, but unique flavor.