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Fabric Comfort Of Cashmere Scarves
Oct 27, 2017

Cashmere products are made of a precious cashmere raw materials, because cashmere has a light, soft, warm, slippery characteristics, home washing is best to wash by hand alone (do not mix with other clothing washing); Scarves

The different colors of cashmere products should not be washed together, so as not to stain color. Before washing, the size of cashmere products is recorded. Stained with coffee, fruit juice and blood, such as cashmere products, should be sent to wash shop special washing.Scarves Soak before washing with cold water for 5-10 minutes (jacquard or multicolor cashmere products should not soak), while dipping side with both hands in the water gently squeeze. The purpose of immersion extrusion is to keep the grime inside the cashmere out of the fiber and into the water, another part of the dirt wetting and loosening. After soaking gently squeeze in the hands of water, and then put 35 ℃ around the neutral washing liquid side of the soaking side with both hands gently squeezed wash, you can not wash with hot soap, can not scrub, can not be used with large alkaline detergent washing, otherwise there will be and deformation. In the home washing cashmere products, you can use shampoo lotion.Scarves 

Because cashmere fiber is protein fiber, afraid of alkaline detergent, and shampoo is more "mild" type of neutral detergent.Scarves If wearing a local hook after the broken yarn, off the needle, loose line should immediately stop wearing, to repair, so as to avoid needle ring ' needle to become larger. All wool and high proportion of wool products can not be washed with washing machine and drum dryer for drying, because the wool will be felt after washing, needle ring shrink, hard, serious deformation Cashmere scarves must be washed after wearing or before storage. This will reduce the condition of the moth activity.Scarves 

Always open the closet or trunk lid so that it is ventilated to keep the scarf dry. Avoid friction with surface roughness.Some friction opportunities more parts, such as sleeves and desktops, sofa handrails, pocket bags, etc., as well as avoid long time backpack, avoid long wear without lining of coarse coat, should minimize such contact. The main ingredient of wool 

is protein, also contains a small amount of fat, is the most favorite food borers. In the yellow mold season, easy to absorb moisture and mildew by the invasion of mold.Scarves

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