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How To Choose The Baby In The Summer Hat
Sep 28, 2017

Hat to be wide shade, if the outdoor temperature is high, in order to prevent the baby heat stroke, then the mother is best to choose a wide-brimmed hat, so that you can block the sun very well. Hat

Like a cap is more suitable, because the front of the cap is a large area of shade hat, just can block the sun directly to the baby's face, coupled with the cap shape cool, so the baby should be like. In addition, if the choice of female baby, you can pick some with floral, wave point ladies wide canopy, shade so that the baby looks stylish and beautiful.Hat

Cooling is the key. Hat heat dissipation can not be ignored. Because if you can not heat well, then the baby's head is easy to cover out the prickly heat. Then the requirements for the heat, how to choose it?Hat

 Head circumference to sweat wearing a hat has a drawback, it is easy to cover sweating, sweat left to hurt the baby's eyes, so when the baby to choose the hat to pay special attention to the hat Cover the part of the head of the material, must be soft texture, sweat strong, not easy to fade.Hat

There are a lot of empty top caps and halftone caps on the market. This hat has only the brim and the head, and the middle head is empty. This kind of hat baby is very hot to wear. If you can not choose the empty cap, then you must choose those breathable light material, soft texture, safe and non-toxic and sweat and breathable.Hat

In addition to those mentioned above, in fact, mothers have to consider is that the hat is best to choose a brand, so you can ensure safety, the color of the hat as much as possible light color, like beige, white, sky blue, These colors are not very hot. Do not give the baby to choose a metal jewelry or decorations too many hats, this will have a burden on the baby.Hat