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Instructions For The Use Of Kitchen Exhaust Fans
Sep 19, 2017

    Kitchen Smoke Exhaust fan instructions: Generally used in the kitchen fan will take away the kitchen a lot of air, lampblack cover wind blower-smoke, the need to add air to the kitchen, the machine provides about 80% of the exhaust fume. Working area fresh air pretreatment fan-provides the fresh air for the kitchen work area (personnel work position) to be pretreated. The machine provides about 20% fume hoods for exhaust fume-exhaust gas from cooking area hood.Kitchen

    Kitchen exhaust fan In addition to fire smoke exhaust fan pipe fire valve outside, taking into account the cause of the kitchen high-temperature work. The rest of the fan pipeline fire valve recommended the installation of 150 ℃ fire valve (with the usual ordinary fan piping installation of 70 ℃ slightly different), need to close all remaining fans (fire repair wind by the outside window and door gap and other places into the wind) when the fire smoke exhaust fan action; when the "Exhaust fume fan" is opened, it is necessary at the same time (linkage) to open "Lampblack cover wind Blower" and "working area fresh air pretreatment fan".Kitchen

    The smoke exhaust pipe of the kitchen smoke exhaust fan needs to set up the exhaust valve, smoke exhaust fan and smoke pipeline connection to set up smoke fire prevention valve. Pay attention to the smoke exhaust valve and smoke exhaust fire valve is the function completely different equipment. Kitchen

    Exhaust valve usually off, fire, and alarm host linkage, open condition is automatic alarm system fire (detector alarm) fire alarm host placed in automatic state, exhaust valve automatically opened, linkage smoke fan start. Smoke exhaust fire valve is usually open, fire is also open state, but when the flue gas temperature reached 280 ℃, smoke exhaust fire valve automatically shut down, linkage has opened the fan to stop running.Kitchen