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Introduction To Different Kinds Of Kids Toy
Aug 21, 2017

     Chinese toy products include plush toys, plastic toys, paper toys, electronic toys, wooden toys, metal toys, leather toys, educational toys, early teaching toys, FRP toys, children's cars and other miscellaneous toys, including plush toys and children's car best-selling. There are mainly the following kinds:Kids Toy
     Plush toys--it is made of plush fabrics and other textile materials as the main fabric, filled with a variety of fillings made of toys, the English name (plush toy) plush toys with lifelike cute, soft touch, not afraid of extrusion, convenient cleaning, decorative strong, high security, applicable crowd, such as a wide range of characteristics. Therefore, plush toys as children's toys, decorative houses and as a gift to give people is a good choice. Model Toys-Electric model toys also attract children and adults, such as tank cars, car sirens and so on. Although the price of these toys is not cheap, especially electric toys, generally around 70-80 yuan, some even up to 700-800 yuan, but the market is good.Kids Toy
    Remote control toys--toys with High-tech appearance such as audible, luminous electronic toys, remote control toys and interactive toys that can talk or do a series of actions, are all selling well. The market on the sale of various types of remote control toys close to hundreds of, mainly cars, boats, aircraft and so on. The remote control vehicle is about 50-300 yuan A, the remote control ship is about 150-400 yuan, while the remote control aircraft is between 200 yuan-800 yuan.
    The main types of children's toys are: Image toys, technical toys, piecing and assembling toys, construction and structural toys, sports toys, music sounding toys, labor activities toys, decorative toys and homemade toys. Kids Toy
    The general educational requirements for toys are: To promote the children's body, Germany, the all-round development of wisdom and beauty, the desire to meet the characteristics of children's age, to be able to satisfy their curiosity, to move and explore activities, to reflect the typical characteristics of things, to encourage learning, to meet hygienic requirements, to be non-toxic, to clean and disinfect, and to meet safety requirements.Kids Toy