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Kids Toy Are Becoming More And More Serious
Sep 19, 2017

     Toy Development day after month new, from building blocks, educational toys, electric toys, to the present "children model", the price from a few yuan, more than 10 yuan to hundreds of thousands of yuan. But many parents complain, although the toy is more and more advanced, maintenance is a big problem, some electronic toys become a disposable consumer goods, feel both wasteful and helpless.Kids Toy

     Has sold 8 years of toys, now is the three crown of a domestic shopping site shop owner Ms. Luo told reporters, a few years ago, see the market appeared remote control simulation toy car, she also entered some, the price of 200 to 300 yuan or so, just began to ask more people, buy less people, probably from the year before, sales began to rise, More than 30 times a day sold.Kids Toy

     However, sales rose at the same time, Ms. Luo is a lot of trouble, these electronic toys sold for a period of time, she will receive customers call for repair calls. Originally, the Flying toys in the sky, always because of some unexpected fall down, light wings broken, shell damage, heavy toys falling apart. And she and toy manufacturers communicate when was told: "We can only guarantee the quality of the toy factory, as for the use of toys because of the crash damage, we are not responsible." "When asked if you can provide some easy to wear parts, manufacturers said yes, but by the user to repair."Kids Toy

    Toy users have a certain particularity of the toy damage is the product quality problems or man-made factors caused by the definition of a certain difficulty, to defend the words have a certain difficulty. Therefore, in the interview many parents suggested that the toy business can be associated with maintenance services, so as to avoid wasting resources, reduce parental worries, at the same time because the toy aftermarket repair market is still blank, "money" scene should be relatively considerable.Kids Toy