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Kitchen Decoration Notice
Jul 07, 2017

             A kitchen is a room in which food is prepared and cooked, and a modern kitchen is usually equipped with a stove (gas stove, electric stove, microwave or oven), a flow table (sink or dishwasher) and equipment for storing food (e.g. refrigerators).Kitchen

             The first is whether the kitchen Ging should be closed, a large part of the ceramic tile providers are ten to 20 square meters around the partition inside do the model. With toaster bread and Chinese food many times it's fried. It is a part of the cooking with animal oil instead of flower oil, lampblack are many. But most people still Chinese food, unless you personally like to eat Western food, so the small part of the proposal is to do the use of closed Ging. Ging style also have many kinds of, also can use Glass to do partition, so at least can satisfy the heart need.Kitchen

             In addition, the decoration of the kitchen should also pay attention to the color of Ging, small make recommendations as far as possible use of cold tones, and to use the Slant light class because of Ging relative to hot, so, if with warm tones, almost feel the indoor temperature more than two or three degrees of personal favorite with white neat, and wall brick selection white, also conducive to the cabinet door color collocation.Kitchen

              Finally, the cabinet of the table material selection. Decorative decoration industry, cabinet counter surface decoration materials are mainly two kinds, one is man-made stone; Both of these materials are available, but their performance is not the same, relatively speaking, natural stone relatively hard, and man-made stone softer, foreign production of artificial stone can be used to deal with the surface of the flower gauze of arts and sciences, domestic production of man-made stone is generally more grinding more flowers.