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Kitchen Equipment And Hygiene Management
Jul 26, 2017

                 The kitchen should be in accordance with the approved gross margin control catering costs, in the premise of ensuring the interests of guests, as far as possible to save, and reduce waste. Kitchen staff should be accounted for all raw materials, and the whole process of product production cost control.Kitchen

                Equipment Management: In order to improve the kitchen conditions and efficiency. Modern kitchens are equipped with a considerable amount of electrical equipment. Kitchen equipment is the material basis for food production in the kitchen, making the material conditions for making dishes. Therefore, the kitchen should establish and improve the operating procedures of the equipment, all equipment according to the specialization of position use, strengthen equipment maintenance and maintenance, to ensure its normal operation.Kitchen

                 Health management: Kitchen Hygiene is the first rule to be followed in kitchen production. Kitchen hygiene is to ensure that food in the selection, production and sale of the entire process, all of them in a safe state. In order to ensure the safety of the products produced by the kitchen, food raw materials purchased must be uncontaminated without contamination, and food raw materials must be stored under hygienic conditions; the kitchen should be in the process of food production in accordance with sanitary conditions, kitchen environment equipment and other requirements clean, kitchen production personnel must be healthy. At all times in the sales to prevent pollution, food safety and reliable delivery to the guests. Therefore, all food-related personnel and managers, in food production must follow the health standards from beginning to end, and assume their respective responsibilities.Kitchen