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Kitchen Faucet Cleaning
Oct 27, 2017

Although many families now use stainless steel sinks instead of pools, in some old houses, the kitchen sink still exists. Especially in some dainty families, the dishes are washed in different pools. Family pools are usually made of tiled veneer or man-made stone.Kitchen

The corner of the kitchen is often overlooked, in fact, can be fully designed to connect the frame, built-in pull ring or corner drawer, so that the corner to join the team to receive. Not only do you make the most of the space, you'll also find that it's very handy to pick up the items that are pulled out because you are near the cooking area. You'll feel annoyed when you hit an open cupboard door. Traditional hanging cabinets more use of flat-pull type, open the door when both occupy space, and affect the normal operation of the cooking, and the lifting-type hanging cabinet to solve the problem, looking for the things in the locker is much more convenient.Kitchen

Many people think that the kitchen sink because it is often water and detergent, so should be very clean, this idea is wrong. Because of frequent contact with kitchen waste, tile cracks are easy to residue stains. And in humid environment, breeding moss and other microorganisms is also possible. Therefore, when cleaning the kitchen sink, carefully clean the cracks in the tiles. The edge of the pool is also often overlooked, so it has to be carefully cleaned with a detergent. If you encounter sediments, you can dissolve them with acidic liquids. In addition, experts remind, after each wash dishes, clean hot water to clean the kitchen sink.Kitchen

Because of the high mineral content of tap water, the use of the faucet for a long time, will be produced scale such as the scale is not often wiped, and over time will be formed calcium carbonate, so that water flow slowed, affecting the quality of water, and the removal of scale to use acidic chemical substances. If the scale of the knot is thick, dilute it with a little water, then remove the faucet and soak it in diluted hydrochloric acid. This can not only decompose the scale of calcium carbonate, and very easy to clear the crystallization of the scale.Kitchen


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