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Kitchen Fume Elimination Way Introduction
Oct 16, 2017

The walls of the kitchen should be easy to clean, not easily stained with oily wall materials, but also with fire-resistant, heat-resistant deformation and other functions. Kitchen Lampblack is very big, especially Chinese like frying, fastidious "stove gas", so kitchen lampblack stain difficult to clear. Therefore, the surface of the four walls of the material to have a good resistance to grease, lampblack ability, in order to be able to keep the surface clean for a long time.Kitchen

The kitchen should be used as the main range hood, fan auxiliary arrangement equipment. This kind of exhaust ventilation mode, first should be installed on the stove above the range hoods. At the same time, in the roof or window to install ventilation fan, to assist in breathing, so that the lampblack as soon as possible out of the window, keep the kitchen clean and dry.Kitchen

The kitchen is the most sundry space in the house, it should be taken into account its practicability and safety. To remove unnecessary clutter in the kitchen, do not treat the kitchen as a sundries room, otherwise it will not only be unsightly, but also easy to breed bacteria. Kitchen utensils should have the ability to resist pollution, especially to prevent cockroaches, mice, ants, bacteria and other contaminated food functions, so as to ensure the internal quality of the entire kitchen. In addition, the modern home kitchen should also be equipped with clean poison cabinets, food waste crusher and other equipment.Kitchen In the specific implementation process, as long as you grasp the above tips, will make your kitchen become better, cleaner, become a veritable feng shui treasure. Installation, generally speaking should pay attention to choose the appropriate height, angle and exhaust duct direction. The center of the range hood should aim at the cooker center, on the same horizontal level. The suction hole is the best for the bottom furnace eye. The height of the range hood should not be too high, in order not to interfere with the operation of human activities as the standard, generally on the stove 65cm--75cm can be. In order to make the discharged oil flow into the oil cup, the installation of the front and rear must have an elevation, that is, the face of the operator's body on the back of the 3--5℃. This problem is especially noticeable when the hood must be installed on the window, or if the other support pins are not functioning.Kitchen