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Kitchen In Modern Science And Technology
Jun 29, 2017

    A kitchen is a room in which food is prepared and cooked, and a modern kitchen is usually equipped with a stove (gas stove, electric stove, microwave or oven), a flow table (sink or dishwasher) and equipment for storing food (e.g., refrigerators). The stove is in a corner of the house. With the development of production and lifestyle changes, people's material life is gradually enriched, the diet is mainly from barbecue to cook. At this time, building technology is becoming more and more perfect, objectively creating the fireplace in the center of the housing to improve the conditions, in order to solve the stove smoke and ease of operation, the stove gradually moved from the center of the room to a corner. Fireplace also do the corresponding improvement and changed into brick tou, pot set up on the stove, and with walls along the chimney, more sanitary and safe and tidy, cooking a large wok cooking stove at the same time both the role of heating, such as the North's Lian Kang Stove, the south of the brick-and-big, urban housing in the coal stoves, briquettes, etc., but in essence this kitchen is still from other space, not completely solve the other parts of the interference.Kitchen
   The development of modern science and technology makes it possible for engineering technicians to do some improvement on the function of kitchen design. For some common problems, such as fuel, exhaust gas, oil fume, water vapor pollution, the main non-staple food storage, environmental mess, etc., have made a good solution, so that the kitchen environment has been greatly improved, from greasy and damp to cooking, dining comfort and elegant environment, open and tidy, easy for housewives in cooking while washing, childcare and other chores.Kitchen
   The main features of modern kitchen layout include setting up facilities according to the operation sequence, so that the operators can operate in a orderly manner, so as to reduce the repeated work of reciprocating and overlapping, pay attention to the exhaust emissions, keep the fresh air inside the house and minimize the damage to the human body. To enhance the rational flow of indoor space, reasonable arrangement of storage space, in order to improve indoor health conditions, so that the kitchen space to the maximum reasonable use. Kitchen