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Knowledge Of Curtain Fabric
Oct 27, 2017

According to the different types and functions can be divided into: rolling curtain, pleated curtain, vertical curtain and hundred-page curtain. Roll the curtains freely. It can be divided into: Man-made fiber roll curtain, wooden curtain, bamboo roll curtain. One man-made fiber roll curtain to a special process woven, can be a strong solar radiation, the transformation of indoor light quality, anti-static fire and other effects.Curtain 

Folding curtains According to their different functions can be divided into: Venetian blinds, day and night curtains, honeycomb curtains, pleated curtains. Among them, the honeycomb curtain has sound absorption effect, day and night curtains can be in light and opaque between the effect of any.Curtain Vertical curtain According to its different fabrics, can be divided into aluminum curtain and man-made fiber curtains. Hundred page curtains are generally divided into wood hundred pages, aluminum hundred pages, bamboo hundred pages. The biggest feature of the hundred-page curtain is that the light is adjusted arbitrarily at different angles, which makes the interior natural daylight change.Curtain

Fabric curtains According to its fabric, technology can be divided into: calico, dyeing cloth, color weaving, jacquard cloth, such as calico: in plain embryo cloth with transfer or the way the garden net printed on color, the pattern is called dyeing cloth, its characteristics: colorful, rich patterns, exquisite. Dyed cloth: The color of a single colour on the white embryo cloth is called the dyed cloth, which features: elegant and natural. Color weaving: According to the needs of the pattern, first gauze classification dyeing, and then interwoven into a color pattern to become a color weaving, its characteristics: strong color fastness, color texture clear, three-dimensional strong. Jacquard printing cloth: The jacquard and printing two kinds of craft together called it as the color cloth.Curtain

Cloth curtain Color fabric texture has pure cotton, hemp, polyester, silk, can also be concentrated raw materials blended. Cotton fabric texture soft, feel good, hemp fabric vertical feeling good, texture feeling strong, silk fabric noble, gorgeous, it is 100% natural silk composition. Its natural, rugged, elegant, layered sense of the characteristics of the 2003 is the most fashionable products;Curtain

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