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Luxury Villa With European And American Wind Curtains, Noble Luxury And Low-key.
Apr 28, 2018

Luxury villa, not only to meet people's living needs, more people's enjoyment of life, spiritual pleasure. In luxury villas, the larger windows are decorated with European and American Wind drapes, which can play a finishing role in the whole villa. Therefore, a high-end, tasteful, with the "suit craft" and the fine quality of the fine quality curtains, can be a good fit for the people's mansion villa curtains.

The integrity and artistry of the indoor display of the house and villa

The display and arrangement of the interior of the house and villa should be based on the owner's preference, considering the integrity of the indoor environment, the artistic nature of the vision, the special treatment of the details, and the choice of the large area of the decorative curtains to match the style of the house and villa.

Interpretation of European and American style

The European and American style inherits the magnificence and elegance of the classical European Court, and integrates the nostalgia and romantic temperament of the American neo classical style.

The curtains of the European and American Wind both have the luxury, delicacy and refinement of the European style. It also contains the simplicity, comfort and freedom of American style wind. The orthodox noble and luxurious and free and unrestrained low-key will complement each other.

The real picture of the space curtains in the house and villa

By pursuing the rich changes in the interior space, the house and villa show its own personality. The living room, which is the largest and most important space in which, usually combines the complex traffic lines such as the important staircase or the aisle, determines the importance of the decoration in the interior of the room.

The living room of the mansion villa is high in height, which can be used to make up the high and large space of space with large area and magnificent style; the curtain with the head of the mantle is used to decorate the living room, so that the different vertical walls of the living room are stratified, so that the space is wide and luxurious and not open.