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Match The Curtains In Proportion
Jul 26, 2017

             The color of home has an important influence on the atmosphere of life. In the general bedroom collocation, the curtain color and the furniture and the wall color in the indoor each proportion is the 3:5:1. If three colors are coordinated, even if the color is not the same series, it will give people a pleasant feeling. Conversely, if the color does not match good coordination, then people living in it may feel or depressed or irritable and other undesirable situation.

              Pale yellow or yellow walls, the desks and chairs are purple-brown, or nearly brown, with yellow or golden curtains and hangings. White or pale ivory walls, tables and chairs are light yellow, you can buy orange-red or blue and white pattern cloth curtains and hangings. If white transparent yarn is added, the effect is better. Green walls, the furniture is yellow, dark brown or nearly brown, can choose orange, blue or green curtains. Light blue wall, furniture is light yellow or approximate white can choose white bottom blue flower drapery, light yellow transparent screen. Blue walls, the furniture is brown or yellow, can use the green grass of the drapery. A piece of embroidered gauze loosely draped on a wooden curtain rod and pleated at both ends to form a short pendulous pendulum. The shutters of the two flaps closed, allowing the intense sunlight to become mild and pleasant.Curtain

             Curtain size selection, its length is about 20 to 30 centimeters above the windowsill is advisable, lest be blown up by the wind, exposing the window frame. If the two windows are very close, use two curtains to connect the windows as a whole. The use of landing curtains to the heights of an inch or so, the width of the window by the width of the $number. 5.Curtain

             A complete and ordinary curtain should be made up of three parts, the curtain rod, the curtain and the curtain decoration. One of the curtain ornaments for the whole curtain plays a "finishing touch" decorative role. Now, curtain decorations can be broadly divided into three categories: bandages, hooks and ornamental flowers.Curtain