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Multifunctional Curtain
Jul 07, 2017

             Multifunctional curtain is the use of nano-functional auxiliaries to silk, hemp, cotton and other textile products to carry out nano-technology processing, so that suitable for the production of curtains of the color cloth with flame-retardant, heat insulation, noise, anti-bacterial, mildew, waterproof, oil, anti-fouling, dustproof, anti-static, wear and other functions, the collection of a variety of functions of the cloth processing curtains, the use of dust is always not stained, to avoid the trouble of washing curtains, and enhance the thermal insulation function of the cloth, is a low-carbon energy-saving curtains, the market name a lot of, some say no wash curtains, Some are called multi-functional curtains, some are called antibacterial curtains, some are called anti-static curtains, some are called flame-retardant curtains, many names, because of their function more, and through the curtain cloth to play a function, the exact name should be multi-functional curtain cloth.Curtain

             1, the fire is not afraid: multi-functional curtains, nano-materials with nano-technology for processing, with a blocking effect, to achieve the international and domestic textile flame retardant the highest standards. By the international SGS Test to achieve a-level indicators, by the medium-spinning test to achieve B1-level indicators, national fire building materials Quality Supervision and testing center certification and confirmation. The product with a lighter to burn, only to see smoke without an open fire, flame, smoke production, smell and other indicators have reached the public places can fire-retardant products and components of the burning performance requirements.

             2, sound-absorbing noise: pure cloth texture bump, plus soft tissue thickness played a sound absorption, silencing, sound insulation effect, nano-materials and nano-technology to enhance the use of cloth sound absorption function. A busy day, very eager to quiet. Multifunctional curtains for you to create a quiet and comfortable living environment.

             3, Forever clean: multi-functional curtains using nano-materials and nano-technology, surface waterproof, oil, anti-fouling, dustproof, anti-static treatment, water or soy sauce, vinegar, edible oil, etc. fall to the cloth will form a small ball, as long as the detergent can wipe stains, very easy to take care of. Multifunctional curtains in your use of the process is always not stained with dust, cleaning, maintenance-free, maintenance-free, often new, energy-saving low-carbon.Curtain

            4, can be close: multi-functional curtains using woven fabric as the surface materials, after treatment with nano-technology has always been anti-bacterial and mildew, breathable performance is better, moistureproof performance is higher, the use of bacteria will not be contaminated.Curtain

By international SGS detection of antibacterial sterilization rate of 99.9%, mold to achieve the A-level indicators. And by the National Ministry of Health Industry Enterprise Management Association antibacterial industry branch confirmed. With it, your home will always maintain a true sense of well-being.Curtain

            5, full of fantasy: You can choose any suit for your variety, fully display the wall and window decoration personality and style. Your choice, our world.