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Practical Tips For Kitchen Ovens
Sep 07, 2017

     The food should be evenly arranged, not piled into a heap, so that the food can be uniformly heated. Small pieces of food cooked faster than large chunks of food, it is best to cut the food into small pieces below 5 centimeters. The more regular the shape of food, the more uniform microwave heating, in general, the food should be cut into a suitable size, evenly shaped pieces or blocks. If the food has a hard skin, it must be stripped before it can be cooked. The microwave oven is not easy to color the food surface, you can before cooking the seasoning on the food surface, so that it is dark brown.Kitchen
     Microwave oven Heating Food temperature is very high, easy to evaporate moisture, cooking timely cover heat preservation film or temperature-resistant glass cover to maintain moisture. Chicken wing tip, breast or fish head, fish tail or cake corner and other parts easy to cook over, with aluminum foil paper cover to achieve the uniform purpose of cooking. At the end of the heating, put the food on hold for a period of time or add some condiments to some foods (such as cooking poultry meat, can be poured on emulsified oil or seasoning juice, sprinkle some paprika, bread crumbs, etc.), can achieve the satisfactory effect of heating can not be achieved.Kitchen
     The higher the temperature of the food itself, the shorter the cooking time, the shorter the heating time in summer than in winter. It takes a long time to cook dense, dense food with more porous food. High water content of food, generally easy to absorb more microwave, cooking time is lower than water content to short cooking in the microwave oven food, rather than cooking not too much. Cooking in a microwave oven will not affect the color of the dishes. When cooking in a microwave oven, try to reduce the amount of salt that is used to avoid cooked food in-vitro. Kitchen
     Microwave ovens work by releasing the energy emitted by microwaves to heat food, which belongs to electromagnetic radiation. According to the radiation Assessment speech, microwave ovens are the electromagnetic radiation of other appliances several times. Electromagnetic radiation is the phenomenon of energy in the form of electromagnetic waves through space. Radio waves and light waves are electromagnetic waves, so whatever form of microwave ovens is used, be as careful as possible.Kitchen