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Selection Of Empty Top Hat For Empty Top Hat
Dec 18, 2017

Selection of empty top hat for empty top hat

Classification of empty top caps

Wide eaves empty top hat: the material is usually made of plastic, and has the function of anti ultraviolet and sun shading. This kind of empty top hat has both the function of the sun hat and the sun glasses, which is suitable for the outdoor riding.

Short eaves and empty top hat: the material is generally similar to baseball cap. The empty cap is simple and comprehensive, and the details are striking and creative. Inside, there is also a special towel texture for sweat absorption, which is generous and free and vigorous.

Choice of empty top cap

According to the body shape: the women of the body shape is symmetrical, and the space for choosing the sun hat is larger. The stout and feminine figure should choose the sun hat with light and narrow eaves, and the shorter neck women should choose the narrow eaves sun hat, if they wear the wide eaves, the sun hat will produce a sense of depression.

According to the hairstyle: the long hair women choose the sun hat with wide eaves, which has the effect of hair care and sun protection. The short hair women choose the wide hat or narrow eaves helmet.

According to age: young people choose the bright color of the sun hat, enthusiastic and lively; middle-aged people should highlight the mature and stable age characteristics.

Air top cap

The whole simple design with the details of the creative idea, and the inside of a special sweaty towel texture, generous, energetic.

Empty top cap

Super wide large brim of different colors can be the entire face covered, but also need to adjust up and down according to the brim, with a sun hat and sun glasses two functions, very suitable for outdoor sports.