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Special Type Of Operation Of Curtain
Oct 16, 2017

Glass fiber sunshade, fire-retardant curtain, different from the traditional kinds of shade, curtains. Glass fiber sunshade is processed by special process. The sunshade can effectively block sunlight and ultraviolet rays, and is beneficial to health, filtration; eye sunlight, access to natural light, improve indoor quality, improve visual comfort, reduce yellow light and moisture loss, conducive to indoor plant growth; To ensure the privacy of the room at the same time, but also to see the outdoors, do not damage the glass of the transparent visual effect.Curtain Easy to operate: The use of Lazhu form, and to ensure that the curtain in the pulling process will not slip, has a good friction resistance, well-designed, exquisite workmanship, and easy to operate, convenient, for the user to save time and bring convenience. Used to pay attention to: Lazhu Curtain accessories using glass fiber, Trillon and carbonized steel materials such as manufacturing, pull smooth, small noise, and surface through a special material treatment, has excellent weather resistance performance. Lazhu can use the POM environmental protection material pull bead, also may use the steel Lazhu, the copper Lazhu and so on, through the test life can reach more than 30,000 times.Curtain

First of all, we should determine the direction of the head and the vertical direction of the Lazhu, the head can be interchangeable, can be based on the owner's preferences or home furnishings convenient to install the head. Lazhu the head can rotate, respectively corresponding to the side and the top installed after the lifting use.Curtain

 There are two kinds of installation schemes for conventional headers, one is the outer loading, is the finished product and the window first to do the contrast, the position determined down after the head screw position, after the screws will be left and right to tighten the head on the window frame or wall, and will not Lazhu on the head of the system can be turned on the module. The other is the inside, the finished curtain in the window frame, to find the right position, the top of the window frame to mark the position of the head screws, with screws to the left and right head of the system respectively locked in the top of the frame, and the Lazhu of the head of the system can be turned off.Curtain