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The Dress Of A Hat
Oct 13, 2017

After the season often wear a lot less accessories, long length sleeve wear up, modelling want to be more fashionable, with a suit of their own style hat absolutely brilliant! Hats throughout the year have not faded out of our sight, whether it is summer visor or winter wool cap, in both practical functions can also be added for the overall modeling! Carefully divided the words of the type of hats in fact very much, today I give you a summary of the life of the fashionable and good in several hats, I believe there must be your favorite one! On the show, hats have always been the perfect accessory to match and foil the costume, let's look at this year's hat trend.Hat Hats can also be used for dressing, first of all, according to the shape of the face to choose the right hat. Second, choose your hat according to your figure. Wear hats and clothes, try to avoid the weaknesses. The form and color of hats must be matched with costumes. Hats can also be used to protect hair, cover baldness, or as part of a uniform or religious costume.

Can be different kinds, such as Tall hat, sun hat and so on. Some hats will have an outward extension of the canopy, called visor. Hats have different manners in different cultures. This is especially important in Western culture, because hats are a symbol of social identity in the past.Hat How do you look better with a hat? What kind of clothes can a straw hat match? Spring and summer to go out want more suction, you can try the straw hat concave shape oh, skirt plus straw hat to play the holiday wind, shirt trousers with a straw hat more type, the Goddess are accustomed to the Collocation method you can also try oh, using simple straw hat single product, Can also create the most beautiful fashion style.Hat

Hats have been regarded as dispensable things, yes, if in life has not been deeply concerned about it, it does have a line, without it can also live. But people have tried their best to invent hats, because it can be more divided for our shape, do not ignore it, love the hat!Hat