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The Faucet In The Kitchen
Oct 13, 2017

Three functions Kitchen pure faucet, perhaps we must first talk about its possession pure water in mainland China these years start and development. Before the reform and opening up, our basic drink is all natural spring water, groundwater, the city is a little clean water. Nor does it reflect the many health conditions caused by drinking water. However, with the development of China's economy and the continuous improvement of national quality, drinking water has become one of the major social contradictions.Kitchen

In mountainous areas, coal, zinc, copper, iron ore and other transitional mining, resulting in shortage of water resources, ecological environment has been seriously damaged. Water quality, water sources have been damaged by different degrees, drought, heavy metal pollution and so on, the problem is seriously disturbing the local residents. Before the direct drinking of spring water, wells have ceased to exist. In the city, faced with more serious environmental pollution problems; With the continuous development of industrial economy, industrial sewage discharge, waste discharge, living rubbish and so on, so that the water can be drunk before the water, groundwater has become a smelly waste water, even the fish can not survive people still use it.Kitchen

Pure water purification equipment from the beginning for the beverage, medicine and other enterprises to provide a clean drinking equipment to the common people to provide water for ordinary families pure water purification equipment. In fact, pure water equipment into the family in Europe and the United States is not a new situation. However, the development in China is only for the initial stage of development. The market capacity is very large. These devices can be used with family, public places, schools, hospitals and so on. Drink through a special pure faucet. The pure faucet is a kind of pressure-free condition work, the water pressure is very small condition water can pass through the special starting device outflow.Kitchen