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The Function Of The Kitchen And The Evolution Of History
Jun 16, 2017

    Having a well-designed and well-decorated kitchen will make you enjoyable. Kitchen decoration should first focus on its functionality. To create a warm and comfortable kitchen, a visual clean and fresh; two have a comfortable and convenient operation center: cabinet to take into account the scientific and comfort. The height of the stove, the distance between the stove and the pool, the distance between the fridge and the stove, the dishes, the vegetables, the cooking, the cooked vegetables have their own space, the cabinet should design the drawer; three must have fun: For the modern family, Not only cooking place, but also family space, leisure stage, craft paintings, green plants and other decorations began to enter the kitchen, and breakfast table, bar and more to become a good idea to create leisure space, cooking can It was a sightseeing before dinner. Historical evolution, through the evolution of the history of the kitchen in China, it depends on the development of productive forces on the one hand, on the other hand also depends on the local natural conditions and the living habits of residents. The kitchen has experienced the following development period, through the evolution of different periods, the kitchen's functionality gradually to a reasonable.Kitchen

    1, the first is the ancient architectural sites research. Primitive people to natural cave for living, living conditions are poor, to wild vegetables, wild fruit, wild meat and other raw food to eat, live the so-called "Ru hair blood" life, do not know cooked food production. And later tasted the beast burned and burned wild meat, found the delicious food. Of course, the invention of the fire to make the human condition of the formal start of the habit of cooked food, which is the first step into the human civilization, such as the Chinese Beijing ape people living in the Zhoucun cave stone wall, so far there are fire smoked roasted traces and Charcoal remnants. The habit of cooked food has greatly improved the human constitution, is the guarantee of human evolution.Kitchen

   2, to Huotang as the center of the house. About 6000-700 years ago, China entered the clan society, with people's labor tools and skills changes, human slowly from the cave to the development of semi-cave, and ultimately moved to the ground. From the excavated house ruins can be found at the time of human beings have been built in the ground in the center of the house with a fire (stove). The fireplace is generally located in the middle of the house or away from the door of the location of the fire, the flame in the flame all year extinguished to prepare for access at any time. Surrounded and can be accommodated. After a day of work or when the weather is bad and can not work, the fire will become the center of family activities. Those stories handed down from their ancestors accompanied by the curl in the curl smoke, to maintain a nation's reproduction and civilization. There are charcoal and animal bones in the stove, and the roof is equipped with a row of smoke. This arrangement has the functions of cooking, heating, dehumidification and anti-beast. But because there is no isolation from the whole room, In the whole room, poor hygienic conditions. Due to traditional habits and regional characteristics, the fire in some ethnic minorities still have reservations. Such as the Mongolia region of the yurts, southwest of the bamboo and so on.Kitchen