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The Method Of Dividing The Curtain
Oct 13, 2017

The use of the curtains to divide the ruler, before using the first to fix the dividing ruler, at the right side of the chopping board 6.5cm position, the dividing ruler with a nail to the dividing scale on the chopping table (on the scale of the hole), nail position is the first hole bit. Then with a plank through the dividing ruler, the dividing ruler hangs at the cutting edge of the chopping board.Curtain

When using, fold the curtains in half, the curtains and the edge of the chopping board to put the exhibition, gently pull the dividing ruler, so that the hole bit between the 16cm--18cm, the left side of the curtain alignment of a middle axis, you can complete the equal. Then the curtain is unfolded and the hole is beaten with an electric hole. (When used, the cover on the scale of the cloth to open, without the time cover, does not affect the normal use of the chopping board.) Curtain To cover, so there is a curtain, a sense of confidentiality and security. Moreover, because this kind of fabric has the characteristic of soft and light texture, it is better to hang on the window. At the same time, we should also pay attention to the use of thick curtains, because the thick curtains for the formation of a unique indoor environment and reduce the external interference has a significant effect. When choosing thick curtains, it is advisable to choose curtains such as corduroy, woolen cloth, gold velvet and woolen fabrics.Curtain Fabric is wider, the general texture of the fabric can do Roman curtains. This kind of curtain decoration effect is very good, gorgeous, beautiful. Because the cloth in the market is generally 1.4 meters of width, so the installation of the Roman curtains of the window is better than 1.4 meters in the middle, no seams, buy cloth only a length can be. Wood and bamboo paint processing mainly produced, with durable new, easy to clean, not aging, do not fade, shading, heat insulation, ventilation, fire and other characteristics, applicable to high-grade office buildings, apartments, hotels, villas and other places, at the same time can be matched with a sticker to make its style more fresh and elegant. The control mode has two kinds of manual and electric.Curtain