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The Role Of Kids Toy
Jul 07, 2017

             1, toys to mobilize children's enthusiasm: the child's physical and mental development is realized in the activities. Toys can be free for children to play with, manipulate and use, in line with the child's psychological hobby and ability level. They can meet the needs of their activities and enhance their activity. For example, "Rocking horse" toys, children will naturally ride on, swinging before and after, both to meet the requirements of their activities, but also to create a positive and happy mood, so long play tired. Also such as "doll" toys, can cause children to do a variety of activities, the children of all ages according to their life experience, with dolls to do games, can be simple to complex, changeable.

            2, toys to enhance perceptual knowledge: toys have a visual image of the characteristics of children can touch, take, listen, blow, look, etc., in favor of various sensory training. such as color sets of towers, blow molding toys, all kinds of dolls and toy animals and other benefits of visual training; eight cubs, small piano, tambourine, small, etc. can train hearing, building blocks, plastic films, structural models can develop spatial perception, a variety of puzzles, inlay toys, soft plastic toys can exercise touch feeling, Lahan car, trolley, tricycle, two-wheeled car and so on will help the development of sports awareness. The toy develops the feeling and the athletic ability not only enriches the young child's perceptual knowledge, but also helps to consolidate the impression that the young child obtains in the life, when the young child does not have the widespread contact with the real life, they are through the toy to know the world.Kids Toy

           3, Toys cause Lenovo activities: such as the hospital toys, doll home toys can cause children to the hospital and Family Association, can promote children to carry out creative role games; some labor tools toys, can cause children to plant trees, digging river, building and other simulation work. Some toys are specially used for thinking training, such as a variety of chess, a variety of intellectual toys, can improve the child analysis, synthesis, comparison, judgment, reasoning and other abilities, the development of thinking depth, flexibility and agility.Kids Toy

           4. Positive Thinking, imagination:and is manifested by other activities of the hand or body. If you play "plastic" toys, children want to conceive, to conceive, to achieve the intended purpose of the choice of materials; Children in the use of toys will encounter some difficulties, these difficulties require them to rely on their own strength to overcome, and adhere to the completion of the task, thus training to overcome difficulties, make progress of good quality.Kids Toy