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The Scarves Collocation Notices The Matter
Sep 07, 2017

    A scarf is a long strip of cloth around the neck, usually for warmth, or for beauty, cleanliness, or religion. In cold climates, people wear thick woolen scarves to keep them warm. In places where climate is dry, dusty, or polluted by air, one can wrap a thin scarf around the head to keep the hair clean. With the development of time, this habit has become a trend of many women in the culture of clothing. In some countries, the production of clothing such as scarves is a common trading commodity. Scarves of all colours are also the utensils of some Australian football fans. The scarf is stamped with the name of the supporting football team and fans will be waving and cheering in the auditorium.Scarves
    Scarf brings a lot of memories of autumn, wool woven warm card of attachment, of course, there is a certain autumn street, fluttering beautiful silk. Scarf A family of signs are surprisingly elegant, whether the scarf or long scarves can be handled exceptionally exquisite. winding, thus tenderness; In the fall, we can hug the scarf heartily. In the not cold autumn, face the autumn wind, scarf is only symbolically resist, posturing muffled. Some people say like scarves are a bit narcissistic, it is because wearing a scarf face appears more clear, can better adjust the perfect face, or set off makeup, so only love their own people can wear scarf beauty.Scarves
    Even if there is a hint of chill in the fall, also wear sleeveless, sleeveless, with a scarf with cool dress, this is the fashion of the popular costumes this autumn. As long as the surrounding color dazzling, soft and warm scarf, not only to drive off the coolness, but also to the different styles of scarves to write expression. or cool, or gentle, the magic of the scarf is so magical.Scarves
    Tie-in clothing: Suitable for wearing in the wider thick coat. This can reduce the heaviness of the coat and maintain a relative balance; So, it's called the Equilibrium knot! Color: Girls on the selection of bright jumps, pink, orange, grass-green, you can, young you have nothing to do; boys can choose some stable colors, deep blue, tu can, in addition, the square pattern is also a good choice. Scarves
    Tie-in clothing: sweater, high neck sweater words can be equipped with a monochrome scarf, simple, outside to wear a coat is also more appropriate; If you go directly with a sweater jacket or a low neckline sweater, you can choose two colors of scarf to mix together. But the premise is, the color of the sweater itself is more dark, otherwise, it will become a Christmas tree.Scarves