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The Working Principle Of Electric Curtain
Sep 07, 2017

     Curtain its basic function is to protect the owner's personal privacy and shading and other functions, but the traditional curtains you have to manually pull, every day early to open late is very troublesome, especially villas or duplex room big curtains, heavier, and long, need a lot of power to switch curtains, very inconvenient So the electric curtains developed rapidly in recent years, and widely used in intelligent buildings, senior apartments, hotels and villas and other fields, as long as the remote control light, the curtains will automatically open and close (the shutter can be automatically rotated), very convenient; the use of intelligent electric curtain control system can also realize the curtain timing switch, Scene control and other advanced control functions, really let the curtains become a modern home of a beautiful landscape.Curtain
     Working principle it is carried out by a motor to drive the curtains to move back and forth, or to rotate the shutters through a set of mechanical devices, and to control the positive and negative turn of the motor. The core of which is the motor, now the market on the brand and many types of motor, but the end is nothing more than two categories: AC motor and DC motor. Realize the way to realize automatic curtain control should choose the curtain controller, its output $literal voltage, can control the AC curtain Motor's positive and negative turn, should pay attention to the wiring process do not go wrong. The terminal "L" is connected with the FireWire of the 220V power cord, the terminal "N" is connected with the 0 lines of the 220V power cord, the output port "1" is connected with the motor forward phase;
     To adjust the travel of the motor, the length of the user window is different, this is the curtain motor in the track of the operation of the scope of adjustment (shutter general rotation 90 degrees), the specific adjustment method please refer to the manufacturer's instructions of the motor. The next job is to set the address for your needs, so you can control the curtains through a variety of transmitters.Curtain
    For example: Mini Controller, Wireless series, telephone remote controller, computer control and so on. Now the market has a lot of DC curtain motor, it is how to control it? With the curtain controller directly connected to the DC motor, the results will certainly burn the motor. Next we introduce the control of the DC curtain motor. For the DC curtain motor, just add two relays on it. Buy time to pay attention to, the curtain controller output is $literal, relay coil must be used is $literal, otherwise it will burn out.Curtain