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Various Circumference Methods Of The Scarf
Apr 15, 2018

A beautiful scarf can add a lot of color to your dress, or even a scarf to change the whole shape, save the trouble of buying clothes, collect various scarves in this area, and have experienced MM in this respect to talk about it! Different scarves, different styles, different complexion, stature and so on, please go down See.

Equilibrium junction

1., wrap the scarves around your neck and make a knot between the front and the back.

2. around the front of the scarf around the back of the neck;

3., the scarves coming from the back go through the gap along the arrow.

Large bow tie

1., wrap a scarf around your neck, tie it on the left and right side, on the left side and on the right side.

2. reduplication of the scarf on the right.

3., put the overlapping scarves under the left section, and put the scarves on the left side along the arrow direction on the other side.

4. the knot is tight.

Small bow knot

1., wrap the scarves around the neck and cross a knot.

2., adjust the good knot to the front and rear direction, and then make a knot. It is very easy to remind you that this knot is easy to play. It looks very generous. It doesn't look like a big bow. So feminine, it is very suitable for beautiful girls.

Necktie knot

1., wrap the scarves around your neck and on the right side, and circle the scarves along the arrow on the left side.

2. after the wound, then the scarf out of the gap.

3. draw a scarf out of the gap. Special reminder: play and tie are almost the same, but the knot will be a little overstaffed and thin with a scarf.