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Wearing Scarves To Prevent Diseases
May 17, 2017

Wearing scarves to prevent diseases

1. Scarves Preventing colds

Scarves Winter weather is colder, we stay indoors and can not feel the obvious chill, because the indoor air conditioning, warmer. And to the outdoors, the temperature is low wind and big, especially the crowd of cyclists, they will obviously feel deep chill.

Scarves The most common disease in winter is a cold, although the cold is not a big disease, but it will affect our normal work and learning. Many people have such experience, go out and come home to a cold. This is because we do not go out to do warm measures, chill invasion caused a cold.

Scarves There are many ways to prevent colds in winter, such as cold washing, hot water bubble, eating more onions and so on. In fact, we go out in front of the neck around a scarf can be very good to prevent colds. When we put on the scarf, our neck will not be affected by the chill, the body will become warmer, so it is not easy to catch a cold.

2, Scarves prevention of lumbar disease

Scarves After the winter, many people will have this feeling, if the door does not wear a high collar sweater, the cold wind will drill into the neck, our whole body is playing the Cold War. Of course, there are some people who do not have the temperature, they still wear low collar shirts and skirts. Beauty is to pay the price, if not pay attention to the warmth of the body, we can easily suffer from colds, lumbar spine and other diseases.

Scarves Our neck is the most afraid of cold parts, many commuters need to face the computer a long time every day, which will cause cervical muscle stiffness. Coupled with the winter cold wind invasion, our waist and back easy to catch cold, muscle will appear spasm and pain symptoms. The pain will also cause pain in the shoulder and scapular areas, which will affect our normal work.

Scarves If our body long cold, it will cause colds, rheumatism, lumbar pain and other diseases. Like rheumatism, lumbar pain and other diseases are chronic diseases, treatment is very troublesome, so we usually do a good job of prevention. It is a good precaution to wear a scarf to your neck before going out, so that we can avoid catching cold in our neck and back, so that our whole body will feel warm.