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What's The Dirtiest Thing In The Kitchen?
Aug 21, 2017

     Dishcloth should be the most important and cleanest tool in the kitchen, but unfortunately, in the Chinese kitchen, it is very difficult to see clean, clean and refreshing cloth. It is reported that a research institute in the household of the use of Dishcloth in the survey results show that the use of sponge rag residue can reach up to 800 million, unexpectedly up to 1.6 billion. Experts tested the number of bacteria on the toilet lid, is generally in the 30 million or so, that is, we use sponge-like cloth is even more dirty than the toilet lid 50 times times, pick a good cloth is really too important!Kitchen
     A good rag first should have the basic softness, cleanliness, can not be perfect, more can not have a sticky wet feeling, should not appear obvious not clean imprinted. Suggest choosing Dishcloth, also can select suitable material by use, for example to clean stainless steel or porcelain surface, with relatively softer cloth, and stubborn grease with wire cloth. At the same time, in the selection of Dishcloth, as far as possible to choose light-colored as good. For example, like a towel, soft, snow-white cloth, cleanliness is certainly no problem, but those dark rag, because the stain is difficult to see, it is difficult to ensure that clean. If it is a rag that touches utensils and food, it is best to choose White. Dishcloth in the use of the process to see the cleanliness of the degree to be constantly replaced, especially frequent contact with tableware food cloth.Kitchen
    Non-woven cloth: non-woven cloth texture Soft, absorbent strong, is the best choice to wipe ceramic tableware. It has a small mesh structure, easy to clean the sauce and soy sauce, cleaning is also relatively easy to use for the general table and tableware cleaning is very efficient. But also because of its adsorption power and water absorption is very strong, it is easy to breed bacteria, usually try to keep dry, disinfection and change the frequency of faster. Cleaning Block: The cleaning block is a layer of high polyester film outsourced in the sponge block Kitchen
    Non-stick grease, no scratches, very easy to dry, will not produce odor, water absorption and decontamination capacity is strong, generally used in plastic products, resin processing products, glass products, ceramic products, wood products, iron and other clean. However, it is easy to keep bacteria in the vent hole of the cleaning block and it is difficult to clean thoroughly, so it is best to boil 1 to 2 times a week. Note that the cleaning block should not be used on lacquer ware, such as the painted chopsticks, the effect will be counterproductive.Kitchen